I feel very confident about my financial future

I’ve been a client for the IFA Centre for approximately seven years and Robert Allan is my adviser.

I got in touch with the IFA Centre because I was a little bit nervous about trying to manage my own finances. While I feel I know quite a bit about the financial world, I felt I needed an expert to help me. My introduction to the IFA Centre was solely based on the fact that I got to know their personalities and to trust them, as opposed to research or advice from other people.

I have friends that deal with financial advisers, but the thing that attracted me to the IFA Centre was the fact that I got to meet individuals, specifically Robert. As an analogy, I’m not very good with cars, but I am good with people, with personalities. So, if I trust a mechanic, I will believe what he’s saying and if he tells me he needs to do extra work on my car. I certainly trust Robert and understand his personality. I trust him as a person, and that was the attraction was for me.

The most recent thing that the IFA Centre has helped me with is explaining the projection of our pensions to my wife in a very simplistic form. I don’t mean this in a derogatory fashion – my wife has a doctorate and speaks six languages, but she doesn’t always understand numbers. But Robert was able to give her a slide presentation of how our money will last over the next 20 to 30 years, and how it can or will perform.

It makes me feel that I can sleep at night. In the past, I tried to deal with some of my own finances, and I would often worry about it. I’d spend a lot of my own time delving into the financial world, sometimes successfully. At the same time, I did have a company pension. But I believe I can trust Robert and the IFA Centre to invest wisely, to give me very good profit and returns.

I feel very confident about my financial future now that I’m with the IFA Centre. Predominantly because they’ve been giving me very good returns since I’ve been with them. We’ve survived a couple of financial crises and I believe that there will be more in the future, but they’ll be able to cope with them. We can ride the crest of the wave and survive and hopefully anything the world throws at us.

The three words I would like to use to describe the IFA Centre are expert, safe and approachable. The best thing I found about working with the IFA Centre is the fact that, even over financially hard times, they’ve given me very good returns on my investments.

I would recommend the IFA Centre. In fact, both of my children now use Robert, and I believe they’ll have a lifetime ahead of them using him. So, my advice is, if they’re good enough for my kids, they are good enough for anybody. I would recommend the IFA Centre.

It makes me feel that I can sleep at night. In the past, I tried to deal with some my own finances, and I would often worry about it.


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