I can sleep easy knowing the IFA Centre have my best interests at the forefront of their mind

I’ve been a client of the IFA Centre for probably 30 years and my primary advisers are Robert Allen and Siobhan.

I had a chance meeting with the original founder of the IFA Centre, a guy called Brian Evans. We bumped into each other on a boat from Hull to Hook of Holland, and Brian explained what he did. It was actually about six months later that I got in touch with Brian to help me remortgage a property I had.

Prior to finding the IFA Centre, I had taken out a number of policies with individual investment companies. However, I got the impression that they were just pushing their product, rather than giving me a balanced view of what was right for me, and that suited my needs at my particular time of life. I chose the IFA Centre because of their unbiased, independent approach to investments.

I’ve always found that the IFA Centre has provided a cradle-to-grave service. For instance, when I first started investing with the IFA Centre, I was mid-career, but I’m now approaching retirement. I’ve found that every step of the way, they’ve been able to provide me with very good advice.

Now that I’ve been working with IFA Centre, and have been transitioning from working into retirement, I feel like I have a much better understanding of the investment landscape. And I feel a lot more confident that, at certain points in the next 10 to 15 years, I know exactly what I should be doing, when I shouldn’t be doing it and what the benefits would be.

The words or phrases that I would use to describe the service I’ve received from the IFA Centre are “professional” and “well-structured”. They are very realistic in laying out what possible scenarios could occur. Most importantly, they are very well-qualified and friendly with it too.

The best thing about working with IFA Centre is I can go about life doing all the things that I really enjoy, knowing that the IFA Centre is in the background, keeping my interests in the front of their mind and informing me when I need to take further investment decisions.

The best bit of advice that the IFA Centre have given me, and one that helps me sleep at night, is that they’ve always told me that they will never put their clients’ investments at risk.

People often ask me to recommend an independent financial adviser, and on a number of occasions, I have recommended the IFA Centre to friends to colleagues, family members and neighbours. By the same token, the feedback that I’ve received from those people has always been very positive, and many of them have gone ahead and used the IFA Centre as their adviser.

I can go about life doing all the things that I really enjoy, knowing that the IFA Centre is in the background, keeping my interests in the front of their mind.


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